Thursday, September 23, 2010

Instant Cous Cous recipes

I'm doing couscous recipes in much the same way regularly now, having just about perfected the process I think. 

I always buy the packets of fine couscous from the Turkish grocers, because it makes a better texture than medium sized couscous grains, I think, and keeps better than the cardboard boxes. In fact cardboard boxes are a very bad idea after the outbreak of Indian moths in the food cupboard!

To make the couscous I pour the dry grains into a pyrex dish that has a lid, and add a ladle or two of the broth from whatever stew I'm making to have the couscous with. I'll add a knob of butter at this point as well then stir it in until the butter has melted. Then I add enough water from a recently boiled kettle to just cover the couscous, fold it in for a few seconds, then put the lid on tight.

About three minutes later when it's time to serve up I remove the lid and fluff the couscous, allowing the steam to escape.  I might add a teaspoonful of Harrissa at this point, then serve.

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